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Welcome to

the Lone Wolfe

Food Truck


We feed Miami-Dade, Florida and are always looking for hungry folks to join our Wolfe pack. Browse our site and learn a bit about the truck and food.

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"How can anyone say no to Mexican fusion food? It's the best of all worlds and The Lone Wolfe's pastor tacos are the perfect amount of smokey deliciousness"

- Danielle Bender, Miami, FL

"Thank you for the best tacos in Florida"- Katherine Scott

"I NEED those tacos!!!" - Sarah Privoznik, Miami, FL

"There is no better gluten-free option than the Empadilla! It tastes incredible and with the different sauces, there are so many delicious options."

- Reuben Molinares, Miami, FL

"OMG this is the best taco I have ever eaten. It's pornographically good!!" - Carolina Menendez, Miami, FL